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Book Store >Astrology Nadi >Deva Keralam (set of 3 vols.)
Deva Keralam (set of 3 vols.)
Classical Legacy :
Author : R. Santhanam
Publisher : SAGAR
Language : English
No. of Pages : 829  (Paper Bound)
Category : Book Astrology Nadi
Price: INR 1,000.00   900.00   Out of Stock Shipping / Return Policy

About the Book

Deva Keralam, with over 9100 Devanagari verses and by locating birth nadiamsas as given in this great Nadi classical work, one can give a number of predictions about an individual. This work also contains a number of rare general principles useful for various ascendants.

About the Author

Shri Santhanam passed matriculation and discontinued his studies. But he became an excellent stenographer. He then moved to Tirupati and then Calcutta where he got a better job and spent his spare time studying astrology. His astrology progressed fast and he wrote articles for the Astrological Magazine of Dr. Raman. Under Mr. Menon’s tutelage, Santhanam developed the habit of making some original observations which in later years took an attractive shape in his column ''''Research Capsule'''', one of the best astrological features of the Times of Astrology. Santhanam continued to do excellent work and was the discoverer of nadi astrology. His Devakeralam was a major contribution. He was the one astrologer who would have given to young astrologer’s immense material for research on nadi astrology if he had lived. Santhanam had a very good ability to pick up languages fast. In fact he knew five or six languages at least, Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi, a bit of Bengali and Malayalam.

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