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Parad > Parad Shivalinga (50-60 gram)
Parad Shivalinga (50-60 gram)
Price: 800

Parad_ShivaLinga A parad shivalinga bestows divine blessings on mankind. It symbolizes the semen of Lord Shankara. This linga stands for the unity of a divine being with Maya, and the meeting of Shiva with Parvati. It brings wealth, honor, domestic happiness and combats the sins of previous births. According to the shastras, King Ravana of Lanka was a Ras sidhha yogi. He pleased Lord Shiva by offering puja to a parad shivalinga. Yoginishadh states the following.

Rasaling Mahaling Shiv Shakti Niketanam
Linga Shivalayam Prokta Sidhdhidam Sarv Dehinaam

In other words, raaslinga is the only mahalinga and is the power of Shiva. One gets total proficiency on accomplishing it. Rash Ratna Sammuchaya states the following.

Vidhyay Rasalingyo Bhaktiyukt Samarpayet
Jagattrilinganam Poojaphalam Vaapoonyaa

In other words, he who worships the shivalinga with a pure heart obtains the fruits of triloka. All his sins get washed away. Only a fortunate person can attain this knowledge. He has mastery, grace and is blessed by a precious and rare shivlinga.

Mudram Koti Gunam Swarn, Swarnaat Koti Gunam Maat
Maate Koti Gunam Vallom, Vallatkoti Gunam Rasah,
Saatparataram Lingan Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati

The fruits of a parad shivalinga are billions of times multiples of the fruits of a stone shivalinga. According to Rasa Martand, darshan and puja of this divine linga nullifies the malificence of killing thousands of Brahmins and hundreds of cows. Lord Shankara has Himself said that, he likes the person, who on having a darshan of this shivalinga anticipates the darshan of the twelve jyotirlingas.

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