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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha
Price: 350

The seven mukhi rudraksha has seven facets and can be related to wealth, success and property. It is best suited for businessmen, professionals and employed persons. The wearer’s mind is oriented in terms of prosperity and material advancement. The ruling planet is Saturn and this bead sublimates the malefic effects of this planet. It protects against unexpected and long stretched ailments, death like suffering, and ailments related to impotency, cold, obstruction, despair, lack of hope, failure and anxiety.

This bead is symbolic of the Sapta rishis or the seven great saints. It is also Shesha naga, the king of serpents. Each face represents a serpent like Anantha, Kakata, Pundarika, Takshak, Visholban, Karisha and Shankhachuda. It also symbolizes Mahalakshmi.

This Rudrakshas symbolises the seven great rishis. Wearer of this gets wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge. It is said that poverty and want does not come close to its wearer. The wearer is blessed by Shiva and is forgiven all his sins and blessed by success. He gains spiritual knowledge and leads a happy life. He acquires property and progresses in business. His career graph takes an ascending curve. A sense of satisfaction and well being prevails.

The following mantra should be recited 550 times before wearing this rudraksha

Om Hra Sapta Vakrasya
Om Hram Kreem Shaum

Salutations to that seven faced supreme lord who fulfill our desires, who bestows pleasures upon us, who is auspicious and who purifies us. Salutations to the lord who has seven faces and who grants us wealth and prosperity.

As per Classics:

MahaPuranam Srimad Devi Bhagavatam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa
(Book IX Chapter VII)

The deity of the seven faced Rudraksha is the seven Matrikas, the Sun and the seven Rishis. By putting on this, the prosperity is increased, health and pure knowledge are established. It should be put on when one becomes pure.

Shiva Purana
(Shiva Purana Chapter XXV)

772. A Rudraksha with seven faces, O Mahesani, is called Ananga. O Devesi, by wearing it even a poor man becomes a great lord.

Padma Purana
(Shrishti Kand Chapter 57)

Seven mukhi rudraksha are Mahasen, Anant, Nagarat, Kartikeya, Vaasuki and Naagraaj) in (seven snake) form. In its each mukh one snake resides (or offers its blessing or power through it.) Anant, Karkat, Pundareek, Tatkshak, Visholwan, Kaarosh, and Shankhachooda are the seven great powerful snakes which reside at the seven faces of this rudraksha. The wearer of this bead does not get affected by the poison. Lord Shankar remains pleased with the wearer the same way he remains happy in the company of snakes. Due to the happiness and blessings the wearer becomes free from all committed sins by each passing day. Sins like Brahmanicide, drinking of alcohol, stealing, adultery with own teacher’s wife, get condoned by the wearer. He then definitely enjoys the luxury of all the three lokas (abodes) as enjoyed by the Devatas.

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad

Lord Kalagnirudra said: The bead with seven faces is of the form of the seven Matras (Mother Goddesses) and the devotee wearing it attains the grace of wealth and health, right perception, and purity of mind.

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