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Nine Mukhi Rudraksha
Price: 4500

The nine mukhi rudraksha has nine facets and bestows good energy levels, communication skills and the ability to convert ideas into constructive projects.

The ruling planet is Ketu and this bead helps in removing mental fatigue, combats failure and loss of energy and helps cure Lung ailments, fever, Eye pain, Bowel pain and Skin disease. A child who wears it always has the blessings of Mother. By wearing this, a person gets endurance, bravery, courage, and his name and fame

This rudraksha is a symbol of Goddess Durga who confers wealth, prosperity, pleasures of family life, fulfillment of desires, fame and honor and enhances self power. Those who wear it are also blessed by Lord Ganesha and benefitted by the power of Bhairava (Yama). He is honored like Lord Indra. It makes a person courageous, strong willed and tolerant. It removes obstructions from the path. The nine mukhi rudraksha also symbolizes Sage Kapila and enhances one’s faith in God.

This bead is usually worn in the left hand during the period of Navaratri after chanting the mantra.

Om Jham Nava Vaktrasya
Om Hreem Vam Yam Rum Lam

Salutations to the nine faced supreme lord, who leads us on the path of righteousness, who bestows riches upon us, who gives us protection, who destroys the envy and covetousness in our hearts, who generates desires for sex within our hearts.

As per Classics:

MahaPuranam Srimad Devi Bhagavatam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa
(Book IX Chapter VII)

The Devata of the nine faced Rudraksha is Yama; holding this puts off the fears of Death.

Shiva Purana
(Shiva Purana Chapter XXV)

74. A Rudraksha with nine faces is also Bhairava. Its sage is Kapila. Its presiding goddess is Durga of nine forms, Maheshwari Herself.
75. That Rudraksha shall be worn on the left hand with great devotion. He shall certainly become Sarveshwara like me.

Padma Purana
(Shrishti Kand Chapter 57)

Nine mukhi rudraksha is considered as Bhairava. It should be worn in the arm. By wearing this light yellow colored rudraksha which offers salvation also, any person becomes strong like me. If a person commits several killings of human beings then also all his sins get washed away by wearing nine mukhi rudraksha. He is worshipped in the heaven by Devatas and Rudra.

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad

Lord Kalagnirudra said: The bead with nine faces is of the form of the Nava-Saktis and the devotee wearing it attains the grace of the nine Powers.

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