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Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha
Price: 4500

The eleven mukhi rudraksha has eleven facets and bestows right judgment, success, wisdom and enhances communication abilities. It does not have any ruling planet. It increases courage, bestows confidence, gives an adventurous spirit and the ability to convert ideas into action. One gets wealth, prosperity and the desired love and progeny.

It is known to give very swift results and the results are equal to the results of a thousand horse sacrifice or a thousand cow donation. It frees one from the cycle of rebirth and bestows the power of Lord Shiva. It aids in meditation and removes problems caused by yogic practices. It increases the longevity of the spouse.

It is symbolic of Lord Indra, Lord Hanuman and the eleven rudras. It has the combined powers of eleven gods stored within it. For best results it should be kept in a safe place of worship or within the jewellery or safe box.

Om Shreem Ekadash Vartrasya
Om Ram Mam Yam Om
Om Hreem Hum Namah

Salutations to the eleven faced supreme who is the form of peace. Salutations to the supreme and to the mother goddess, who destroys envy and removes confusion from our hearts, who grant us happiness and who protects us.

As per Classics:

MahaPuranam Srimad Devi Bhagavatam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa
(Book IX Chapter VII)

The Devata of the eleven mouthed Rudraksha is the eleven Rudras and Indra. Holding this enhances happiness.

Shiva Purana
(Shiva Purana Chapter XXV)

77. O Parameshwari, a Rudraksha with eleven faces is Rudra. By wearing it one becomes victorious everywhere.

Padma Purana
(Shrishti Kand Chapter 57)

By wearing eleven mukhi rudraksha, one should understand eleven rudras. It should be worn on the centre of the tuft. Now listen to its benefits. The benefits one gets by performing one thousand Ashwamedha Yajana and one hundred crore yajnas and by donating hundred thousand cows, are obtained immediately by wearing eleven mukhi rudraksha. In this lok (planet earth) he becomes like Shankar and does not get rebirth.

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad

Lord Kalagnirudra said: The bead with eleven faces is of the form of the eleven Rudras and the devotee wearing it attains the grace of increase well-being and wealth.

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