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Two Mukhi (Kaju Dana) Rudraksha
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The two mukhi rudraksha has two facets and is usually elongated in shape. Its ruling planet is the Moon. It signifies Ardhanareeshwara, which is a twin form of Lord Rudra and his consort Parvati. Vaishanavas regard it as the symbol of lord Vishnu. Thus both the sects, the Vaishnavaites and the Shaivates, regard it as sacred.

This bead inculcates a feeling of unity into the family. It is a relationship bead and improves relationships and helps in matching frequencies and staying on good terms with others. It promotes harmony and unity in relation to teacher-student, father-son, and husband-wife relationships.

The wearer of this Rudraksha gets all his desires fulfilled and he also attains peace of mind. Spiritual activities and meditation becomes easier, if one wears it. When worn by pregnant ladies, it ensures painless delivery without complications. Patients suffering from sleeplessness and nightmares also get relief by placing a two mukhi bead beneath their pillow while sleeping. This also removes the harmful influences of evil spirits. This rudraksha destroys sins and helps the wearer reach heaven. It bestows purity and faith. It effectively controls the malefic effects of the Moon, such as diseases of left eye, kidney, intestine, heart, lung, brain and insomnia on the physical level.

One should string the bead in a red thread and chant the following mantras.

Shri Gauri Shankaraya Namah
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Kham Dvi Vaktrasya - Om Shreem, Hreem, Kshouma Uveerm Om

Salutations to that two faced supreme God, by whose grace the difficult merits of tantra are obtained easily. He who leads us on the path of well being, saves us from sins and grants us prosperity, is also worshipped by us. We salute him and his consort.

As per Classics:

MahaPuranam Srimad Devi Bhagavatam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa
(Book IX Chapter VII)

The two faced Rudraksha is Ardhanareeshwara, the Lord of the other half which represents woman (in the same person); if worn, Ardhanareeshwara Shiva is always pleased with that man who holds it.

Shiva Purana
(Chapter XXV)

66. A Rudraksha with two faces is Isha, the lord of devas. It bestows the fulfillment of all desires. Especially that Rudraksha quickly quells the sin of cow-slaughter.

Padma Purana
(Shrishti Kand Chapter 57)

O God of Gods! a wearer of two mukhi rudraksha absolves him/her self of all the sins committed, even that of killing a cow. Wearing two mukhi paves the way to attain perpetual heaven, which exists without any decay. Two mukhi rukdraksha is like fire. The body of a person wearing this bead gets purified from all sins accumulated since birth, just like fire destroys all things as fuel. Sins like killing of a woman, Brahma-hatya (killing of a Brahmin) and of similar killings, get washed away on wearing this rudraksha. The fruits (benefits) one gets by worshipping fire, or by offering ahutis (feeding the devas during fire worship during Yajna) are obtained by the brave person and he attains a place in the heaven.

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad

Lord Kalagnirudra said: The bead with two faces is of the form of Ardhanarishwara and the devotee wearing it attains the grace of Ardhanarishwara (Siva united with Sakti).

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