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Five Mukhi Rudraksha
Price: 50

The five mukhi rudraksha has five facets and is the most commonly available bead. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and this bead is known to cure ailments related to ears, bone marrow, liver, feet, thighs, kidney and diabetes. It removes poverty and gives all kind of riches and prosperity.

It helps retain knowledge, enhances concentration, and makes one successful. It brings peace to the mind, promotes prayers and japas, and aids in meditation and spiritual pursuits. It guards against untimely death. It is symbolic of Kaalagni Rudra. It rectifies all the vices and faults of humans and frees them of animal instincts. It cures neurotic ailments like Schizophrenia and depression. It ensures general good health and peace of mind.

Drinking the water in which this rudraksha has been soaked overnight cleanses the body of all the piled up toxins and purifies blood. It removes the fear of untimely death.

String three beads of five mukhi rudrakshas (about the size of an Amla) and string them in a red thread. Place it in front of a shivalinga and wear it after chanting the mantra.

Om Hram Pancha Vaktrasya
Om Hreem Aam Kshamyom Swaha
Om Namah Shivaya

Salutations to the supreme lord who has five faces and who fulfills all our desires. I bow to the supreme lord who grants auspiciousness, bestows wealth and fame, protects us and gives us happiness and which leads us towards peace in the end.

As per Classics:

MahaPuranam Srimad Devi Bhagavatam by Maharshi Veda Vyasa
(Book IX Chapter VII))

TThe five-faced Rudraksha is the five-faced Shiva Himself; Mahadeva gets pleased with him who holds it.

Shiva Purana
(Shiva Purana Chapter XXV)

69. A Rudraksha with five faces is Rudra Himself. Its name is Kalagni. It is lordly. It bestows all sorts of salvation and achievement of all desired objects.
70. A five-faced Rudraksha dispels all sorts of sins that arise from sexual intercourse with a forbidden woman and from eating forbidden food.

Padma Purana
(Shrishti Kand Chapter 57)

Five mukhi rudraksha is rudra itself. It is known as ‘Kalagni rudra.’ By wearing five mukhi rudraksha, one gets freed from sins of committing adultery with forbidden persons and eating forbidden foods. There is no doubt about this. Lord Shiva always gets pleased with this (wearer). It becomes like a protective shield to all persons. All different forms of Lord Shiva: Sadyojaat, Ishaan, Tatpurush, Aghor and Vaamdev all reside in the five mukhi rudraksha. Due to this the five mukhi is available on the earth in plenty. It is the soul of rudra (Atmaj roop). Therefore, all knowledgable people should wear it. In front of Shiva, this rudraksha is worshipped by Devatas and Asuras (negative forces like rakshasas) for several thousand crore years and hundred-crore worth of universal cycle. On earth it is omnipresent and in a Shiva temple it is full of divine light. Therefore, by all means the five mukhi rudraksha should be worn.

Five mukhi rudraksha is Kartikeya himself (Shanmughan or Subramaniam). It should be worn on the right arm. By wearing this one gets absolved of killing a Brahmin (Brahma hatya) and similar other sins - there is no doubt about this. Even till the end of the earth cycle, a person remains brave. He/she never gets defeated and roams full of great virtues. The wearer also obtains status of Lord Shiva’s son (Kumaratva).

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad

Lord Kalagnirudra said: The bead with five faces is of the form of Panchabrahman (the five-faced Siva) and the devotee wearing it attains the grace of Panchabrahman and drives away the sin of homicide.

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