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Vaastu Devata Yantra

Note: Since the glitter and glow of Gold cannot be captured in a static picture, the actual polished yantra will be much more shiny and smooth than the picture given above.
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Vaastu Purush/Devata


This yantra has one shatkona made by one upward and one downward triangle intersecting each other. The central part of the intersecting triangles has one inscribed square with a 9x9 matrix drawn as per vaastu principles with the image of Vaastu Purush. This big square has one upward triangle engraved with "Om" in the center and below this small triangle and inside the square "Namo" is imprinted. Each small triangle formed and the outer empty space is imprinted with some seed characters ("Beejakshar"). Starting from central "Om", "Namo" and seed characters form a mantra "Om namo bhagwati vaastu devtaye namo". Each angle of the star is marked with specific numbers 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9; the central intersection points are marked with number 3 and 7; the central upper right corner part of vaastu devata is marked with number 5. At the bottom of the yantra chanting mantra is also imprinted.


  • This yantra is also called Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Yantra and is meant to remove ill effects of Vaastu from residence/workplace. It combats all the bad influences and ill effects of Vaastu doshas existing in one's home or office.
  • It is used for rectifying the inherent defects about direction, location, situation of a building and situation of rooms etc. It not only helps to cure all inherent Vaastu defects and remove their ill effects, but also generates positive & benefic energy.
  • By the installation of this yantra in its appropriate direction, it activates that particular direction. Flow of positive energy starts to emanate, counterbalancing negative energy.
  • It removes effects of Vaastu defects present in that direction & balances the 5 primordial elements of nature, so that you can get the maximum benefit from nature.

Energization Yantra Specific:

  • Cover the plank (Patta/Chowkey) with Red Cloth.
  • Lay fresh flowers and fresh fruits on the plank.


Vaastu dosh nivaran yantra should either be buried under the ground before or after construction, with due rituals, or installed at the puja room, in North-East direction on full moon day.


ॐ अनुग्रहा रूपाय विद्महे भूमी पुत्राय धीमही तन्नो वास्तु पुरूष प्रचोदयात् ।
oṁ anugrahā rūpāya vidmahē bhūmī putrāya dhīmahī tannō vāstu purūṣa pracōdayāt

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