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    ARKAM Garuda Statue - Brass - for Appeasement of Lord Vishnu & Planet Rahu (14cm)

    For appeasement of Lord Vishnu & also planet Jupiter
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    Garuda is a large, mythical Eagle, which appears prominently in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Incidentally, Garuda is also the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila. The Brahminy kite and Phoenix are considered to be the modern representations of Garuda.
    In Hinduism, Garuda is an Upadevata, a divine entity, and is depicted as the vahana or mount of Sri Maha Vishnu. Garuda is usually portrayed as being a strong man; having a golden, glowing body; with a white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak. He is adorned with a crown on his head. This very ancient deity is believed to have a gigantic form, large enough to block out the Surya Devata or the Sun God.
    Garuda is the very lifeblood of the three realms of existence according to Hinduism and Buddhism, given that It is the bearer of Vishnu, the symbolic deity of preservation (part of the Hindu projection-preservation-destruction trilogy). A superbly intelligent humanoid bird with a wingspan of many miles, the flapping of Its wings is known to block out the sun and send off tornadoes on either side. This glowing brass sculpture in which He is poised in divine greeting is a great token of welcome in a home or an office.
    Typical problems of unfavorable Rahu are loss of money, no savings, irritation, separation from home, displeasure, fear complex, slow working, change of residence, disfavor of superiors. It suppresses all these problems and provides knowledge, deep understanding and respect. It also improves one’s personality by making him active in life. Rahu being the significator of foreign travels, unusual employments, creativity, pilgrimage, air travels, politics, masochism, and renunciation etc., this Garuda Statue enhances the good results and reduces/removes bad effects.It is highly recommended and advised that natives with adverse dasha/transit of Rahu should install and worship the statue as a remedy to nullify the malefic effects.

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    Brand ARKAM
    Material Brass
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