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    ARKAM Vidya Pradayak Kavacha (4 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi Rudraksha) Bestows knowledge, intellect and learning with Silver Capping and detailed Puja and wearing instructions

    Bestows knowledge, intellect and learning.
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    The Vidya Pradayak Kavacha is a divine and blessed kavacha that bestows knowledge, intellect and learning. It is made up of a combination of four, five and six mukhi rudrakshas. The four mukhi rudraksha is most suited for students, scholars, scientists, research persons, intellectuals, artists, writers, journalists. The ruling planet for this bead is Mercury and it is known to cure intellectual dullness and mental ailments. It makes a person intelligent, witty and enhances his communication abilities. It bestows intellectual abilities, makes one creative. Logical and analytical skills are known to improve also. The wearer also sharpens his memory and structures his thought processes. He becomes powerful also. His mind becomes free of negativity and evil thoughts. This bead is symbolized by Lord Brahma and Devi Saraswati, and bestows knowledge, creativity and logical thinking. It has been said that wearing a bracelet made of three four mukhi beads makes a person so illuminated and powerful that he overshadows everyone If this Rudraksha is boiled in milk and that milk is taken for 20 days, it gives knowledge and clarity of mind. The five mukhi rudraksha helps retain knowledge, enhances concentration, and makes one successful. It brings peace to the mind, promotes prayers and japas, and aids in meditation and spiritual pursuits. It is symbolic of Kaalagni Rudra. It rectifies all the vices and faults of humans and frees them of animal instincts. The six mukhi rudraksha gives the wearer a practical outlook, a steady mind and enhanced focus. Its ruling planet is Venus. It removes dullness, gives learning, wisdom and knowledge. Those interested in tantra also get benefitted by it. The six mukhi rudraksha is symbolic of Kartikeya, the son of Rudra and Sharda. The wearer’s mind gets a professional outlook, increased business acumen and steady mind. It helps develop new ideas and directions in professional and business life. It confers knowledge of the very highest kind. This is a very effective combination for aquiring knowledge. The four mukhi rudraksha represents the four Vedas, the ultimate source of universal knowledge. The five mukhi rudraksha helps retain knowledge. The six mukhi rudraksha removes all hurdles and obstacles from the path of learning. This Rudraksha comes with a premium quality silver capping, which not only makes it look more attractive but also easy to wear. Disclaimer: Rudraksha being a natural product, variation in size and color is anything but natural.

    Products specifications
    Brand ARKAM
    Material Rudraksha Beads
    Color Wooden Brown
    Inclusions Silver Capped Rudraksha Kavacha, Puja booklet, Puja samagri and Certificate of Authenticity
    Combination of 4 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi
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