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    Bhrighu Saral Paddathi - English - Saptrishi Publications

    Legacy: Sunil John
    Publications: Saptrishis Publications
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    Welcome to the world of Real Bhrighu Astrology, out of the first lot of 300 techniques, we present 37 of it. Live with it, breathe it and sleep with it. Forget everything else and master each technique on 50-100 charts only then can u predict with Super Fine Accuracy, its like playing cricket, you can’t hit a sixer in the first 50 balls rolled out to you. A book like this is published in centuries, which can change the course of astrology. Over a period of 7 years the impact of Bhrighu Saral Paddathi has been felt across the Jyotish world with its numerous techniques. Most of the techniques in this book has been presented in the SA magazine Some additional techniques are in this book but getting all the techniques in one product is handy. We have watched when BSPs was revealed to the Jyotish world in 2007-2008 and so many have given feedback on it online and via their own videos. It stormed the Jyotish world and the senior astrologers could not digest such a simple technique from the Bhrighus, the great hidden cult of Jyotish. No parampara can match it but these techniques although look simple do not appear as it isa In the hands of a super intelligent astrologer it is useless, whereas in the hands of a simple human astrologer it becomes a masterpiece. But it comes with a clause, one can use it only when ones fundamentals are SuperFine, not just normal. But then we all know fundamentals are the toughest to master even after 30 years in astrology and this book teaches us only one thing, “We do not know what a planet is sitting in a house and doing, what it is going to give and when.”


    Sunil John runs an online magazine Saptarishis Astrology which has become very popular all over the world in a short span of time. He is a publisher of Astrology books by profession and a teacher by passion. He has learnt many obscure and hitherto unknown Jyotish predictive techniques from his illustrious mentors which he is ever too willing to share with his students.


    ISBN13: 9782598215035

    ISBN10: 2598215036

    Pages: 403

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    Publication Saptrishis Publications
    Language English
    Author Sunil John
    Cover Paperback
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