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    Complete Astro Palmistry - English - Sagar Publications

    Author: Jyoti Saraswati & L. R. Chawdhri
    Publication: Sagar Publications
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    How to make the horoscope from the Lines, marks and signs on the hand is jealously guarded secret by the few who know it. The author was inspired a few years back from such an incident and since, then is in quest of the exposition of these secrets and methods of finding out birth data from hands.

    The art and science of ASTRO-PALMISTRY deals with such subjects for the determination of birth data. Very little has so far been said about this art of Science of ASTRO PALMISTRY being a most difficult and ticklish subject and on the same account, unfortunately it is getting extinct. One cannot deny that a few know this, but such people so secretly guard it that it remain confineded to a handful practitioners. The modern Palmists and astrologers have not made any efforts to further investigate it and nothing about this has been found in the Western Science also.

    In majority of the cases, exact birth date and time is not recorded or it is doubtful and in Astrology, through recti-fication methods these bio-datas are corrected.

    But in case nothing is known to the native, need to study the ASTRO PALMISTRY arises. A Palmist has one advant-age that the hands are available to him as his instrument rather to work out on an unconfirmed data to baffle, but through this science, one has to work methodically by examining both hands, face, body and pedomancy in case of either sex. Through the rational methods, one can find the birth bio-data of the native safely and draw the horoscope for delineation. So under the above difficult positions and conditions, the author has worked hard for a number of years to unfold these mystries. This guarded information was obtained by the author after much labour and spending a considerable time and money from a Sanyasi as explained later in the book. These secrets were obtained only on the conditions that these should be published for the benefits of the Astrologers, Palmists and Public at large, which the author is obliged to ful-fil and has presented this work.

    ISBN13: 9788170822547

    ISBN10: 8170822548

    Pages: 462

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    Author Jyoti Saraswati & L. R. Chawdhri
    Publication Sagar Publications
    Language English
    Cover Paperback
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