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    Jaiminisutram - Hindi - Chaukhamba Publications

    Legacy: Maharshi Jaimini
    Author: Dr. Achyutananda Jha
    Publications: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
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    The complete text is in four chapters. Their Karakamsa, Arudha, Upapada and Navamsa are explained in the first chapter. The second chapter deals with longevity, diseases, profession, progeny and spouse. The third is concerned with longevity, nature and cause of death. Also there is an account of Raja Yogas. The fourth chapter offers an elaborate account of the prenatal epoch, and the principles can be applied to natal charts. Now, for the first time all the four chapters have been presented in a single volume. The rendering follows the spirit of Maharshi Jaimini. Examples show the method of applying Jaiminian principles. This method extends, modifies and amends the interpretation of Jaimini without ignoring the spirit of the great Maharshi, a pre-Parashara authority on Astrology, enables one to know time of the events accurately.

    Dr. Achyutananda Jha was a great teacher of Mathematics and Astronomy . He is one such name that does not need introduction in the Indian Astrological arena. His imprint and control over the subject has been truly remarkable.

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    Legacy Maharshi Jaimini
    Author Dr. Achyutananda Jha
    Publication Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
    Language Hindi
    Cover Paperback
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