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    Sadhu Paddhati - English - Saptrishi Publications

    Author: R. K. Das
    Publications: Saptrishis Publications
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    It is for the timing of happy events of life such as marriage, progeny, service, etc.
    Speaks of PACN, i.e., Personal Astrological Cardinal Number which is different for different people and the methods of finding it are clearly given in this book.
    Contains Specific Purpose Charts (SPC), needed for timing events along with Natal Charts. This also contains the importance of Badha places.
    This book does not contain any Dasha, Transit, Retrogation, Debilitation or Exaltation systems. Only simple mathematics that is known to everyone is required for timing events.
    A novice in Astrology, who only knows the names of the 12 signs, 9 planets and full aspects, would be able to predict the time of happening of good events for any person. The system presented here is very easy to learn.
    This book contains all the necessary and important tables and many illustrations of all principles.
    Students and practitioners of Vedic Astrology may use this book for practical purposes.


    Shri R. K. Das is an extraordinarily versatile person determined in his pursuit of seeking the higher truth. This high state of righteousness and idea of truthfulness has assimilated in his mind, hence the ultimate truth has emerged upon him, just like the Rishis, the Seers of yore.
    Born in 1935, in a small village called Kandoa in the Nadia district of West Bengal. He is an IAS Officer having also served as a first-class Magistrate and Judge in many district courts in West Bengal and was praised many times for many of his famous judgments, which have become a reference point in judiciary.
    Shri R. K. Das developed his interest in Jyotisha when once he watched his Sanskrit teacher casting a birth chart and giving some predictions, which later came stunningly true. He is a self-taught astrologer and his liking for and command over mathematics enabled him to build a solid base of casting charts even without any ephemeris, let alone a computer. This surprising capacity has awakened his intuitive power, which he has inherited from his famous Tantric Guru Shri Sudeen Mitra (a retired IRS officer) from Calcutta.
    With this divine insight, he discovered many lost secrets of Vedic astrological calculations. Many famous politicians, actors, administrative officers, sports personalities and common men have benefited from his accurate predictions over the last five decades.


    ISBN13: 9788192967974

    ISBN10: 8192967972

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    Publication Saptrishis Publications
    Language English
    Author R. K. Das
    Cover Paperback
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